XP Holdouts – Don’t Know Or Don’t Care

Internet Security Company AVAST did a survey of customers still running Windows XP and found that nearly 24% of their customers were still using the operating system despite the end of Microsoft Security support on April 8. A full 21% of those users said they hadn’t heard that Microsoft was ending security support. (You can’t blame me for that one.)

Now 15% of the people still using XP said they are planning to upgrade their OS, but only 5% are thinking about a new computer.  Twenty-seven percent say they don’t plan on doing a darn thing and were hoping that AVAST would continue to support them.

The company says they are doing their best to protect XP, but encourages the diehards to switch to a newer operating system and to stop using Internet Explorer immediately.

~ Cynthia


0 thoughts on “XP Holdouts – Don’t Know Or Don’t Care

  1. Many of us elderly folk on limited incomes can’t afford to upgrade our Windows XP computer.
    My question is, Is installing Linux a genuine option, if so which one of the plethra of versions (ubuntu, Lubuntu etc) is suitable for Mums and Dads home users.
    Is it free? and what are the traps we should be careful to avoid.

  2. The only time I use “explorer” is to get over to Mozilla to download Firefox.
    I have already started using “Zorin Linux” as a replacement for XP and it comes with Chrome with the option of Firefox. I heard that “explorer” was not safe many years ago, and have avoided it ever since. My other main laptop runs Fedora 16, but I had to add a lot of programs to make it work the way I wanted it to. Some people in the Linux community have a “fixation” on using only unencumbered programs, and won’t include anything that is not compliant to the “free” software mandate. Other OS’s like Zorin, are “ready to go”, so you look them up on the Internet and download them for free. Take the iso file and burn them to a DVD and then run them on your computer. You can also run them in a “dual boot” configuration along with XP, until you have weaned yourself off of XP.

  3. Oh yeah, I am almost 66, so to all my “elderly” friends, don’t be skeered, you can do it too, as I am no genius! I am struggling with windoz 7 and windoz 8 is not even on my radar. You can’t get much better than free, and won’t it be fun sticking a finger in Bill’s eye?

  4. Did they really say:

    “and to stop using Internet Explorer immediately.”

    that is a bit over the top! We have to use it to get FireFox/Chrome.

  5. The tip stinks… No one can afford to upgrade, or buy an new computer in this day and age. And those of us that have HATE Windows 8 or 8.1. The more I use it the less I like it and I have used it since last May!.. I want my old XP back. At least it didn’t keep screwing up with a stupid charm & Clock getting in the way and losing everything you had in front of you without stopping getting the mouse and undoing what ever it did. Still can not figure out why it keeps popping up when I am typing. And I am a typist, from the time before electric type writers. Never had a problem before Win 8.

  6. I still believe this is an attempt on the part of Microsoft to force us all to buy new computers or at least their newer Operating Systems, thereby further lining their pockets and those of their shareholders with our hard-earned cash. Whatever happened to the concept of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” in this age of consumerism?

  7. Folks, you must understand this: no matter Windows is still supported or not, this OS will ALWAYS be weak against threats.
    I’ve seen lately a lot of comments about Microsoft giving up on Windows XP. There is no reason to go nut about this. With or without support, Windows remains the perfect target for viruses, malware, spyware… you name it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to use an antivirus, right?

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