Wearable Tech: Part 2

In part one of this article, we looked at the start of wearable tech and introduced you to Google Glass. In part 2, we’ll check out two additional ways to add high-tech to your life.

#2 – Smart Phone meet Smart Watch.

What started off as a weird sounding idea is now gaining serious momentum.

This space is now attracting some of the biggest players in the technology business as well as some innovative start ups.

Pebble Steel


This new product was rated as one of the 10 best by CES and Ariel Zambelich writer for Wired said it’s the only smart watch worth wearing.

Talk about a raving endorsement.

The price for the pebble is more than a drop in the bucket but at the same time it’s well in the affordably range given the fact that all Pebble Steel watches come with two bands, one metal, and one leather.  The starting price is around $250.

 #3 – Smart Clothes

UnderArmour who’s made their name by outfitting the best athletes in the world is now leading the innovation in wearable apparel technology.

One of their most popular entry level products is the COLDGEAR® TECH GLOVE.

It sells for less than $30 and it allows you to use your touch screen phone while wearing gloves, something that normally is a pain.

Now that Global Warming is on vacation or whatever you’ll need these more than ever especially if you don’t want your fingers frozen but you still need to use your phone.

UnderArmour has also taken their body monitoring technology to the next level with the ARMOUR39® MODULE & CHEST STRAP. 


This device monitors your body’s vital signs throughout your workouts and tracks your performance.

 Now it’s over to you.

Are your interested in more wearable tech or is a good smart phone good enough for you?


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