Facebook Changes Mobile App – Get Most Recent Posts Back

I opened up Facebook on my phone the other day and noticed a good portion of the posts that showed up on my newsfeed were from yesterday. I realized that yet again, Facebook for Android has updated, and forced its users to see the “Top Stories”, rather than most recent. Once again, they made it difficult to change the settings. Now, instead of simply pressing an option on your newsfeed, you have to do a little more work.

First, you have to click on the icon at the top of your screen that looks like three little horizontal lines to get to your settings.

Then, you need to scroll down until you see the Feeds section. Tap on Most Recent and it will open your most recent feed. (You can also use this to view posts by groups you have set up, as well, by clicking on See All.)

The bad news? Facebook will not remember or save this setting, and will still open up with the “Top Stories” when you go back to your newsfeed, which are what it feels are stories and posts “most relevant to you.” But at least you will know how to get the Most Recent posts if you would like them.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Changes Mobile App – Get Most Recent Posts Back

  1. If you look closely when you return to facebook from having viewed an external link, e.g. in your Android browser, you might notice that the icon at the top right had corner has changed (the one next to the “search” magnifying glass). It seems a bit random but if you click on it you get the option to set “Most recent” / “Top Stories”.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, it doesn’t stay there for very long and reverts to the icon for opening the list of available chat users.

    I don’t know what Facebook are playing at, but this is rubbish.


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