How Can I View A Photo Slideshow In Windows 8.1?

Sandy writes:

In XP I could view a folder of photos as a slide show and click on a photo for a large version of it and still have the slide show of all photos below it that I could work with (i.e. rename, delete, etc.) which I desperately need to be able to do. I can’t seem to be able to find a way to do this in 8.1. Can you tell me how to do this, or is it another thing lost?

Sandy, don’t worry. A slideshow of your photos is just a tap away using the photos app. You can access it by selecting the photo tile from the Metro/Modern start page.

You could also click or tap on the icon from the All Apps section , search for photos in the search charm or just start typing “photos” from the start screen.

Click or tap the Photo tile or icon and Photos will open. Your photos will be organized by the files they are contained in. Often times images imported from cameras are organized by date.

Tap or click to open the file and view the photos.

To rename a photo, simply right-click or swipe down on it.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the options to Delete, Copy, Cut, Rename or Open with.

Open with lets you choose to open the photo with another photo editor if you choose. If you check Use this app for all .jpg file – all of your files of this type will open automatically in Photos.

To the far right, you’ll see Add a new folder and More.

Choose More and you’ll have options to Select all, Import files or to make a Slide show from those files.

 To view a photo  full-screen, click or tap on it.

You can view all of the photos in a file by either swiping  right or left or mousing over the middle of the page to the right or left to reveal arrows that you can click on.


Tapping or clicking on a photo will bring up options to Delete, Open with or start a slide show as well as Set as – which lets you select the picture as your lock screen or to represent the Photo tile on your Start Screen.

On the right, you’ll see options to rotate, crop or edit the photo.

Choose Edit and you’ll see options to make photo corrections and add effects.

I’ll talk more about the editing functions in another article.

You can easily have this app available in the desktop mode by right clicking on the tile or icon for Photos and choosing Pin to taskbar.

Then Photos will be available easily from the taskbar.

 If you want to use the Photos app to view pictures when you select them from a file folder in desktop mode, it’s fairly easy. If the photo doesn’t already open in the Photos app, just right-click on the file and choose Open with. You can choose to make Photos the default viewer if you like.

 One other thing, Sandy. There really shouldn’t be any functions lost between XP and 8.1.  The functions are still there, you just may not be familiar with how to access them yet. So if you have any questions, make sure to let us know.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Thank you for this as it couldn’ have come at a better time. New 8.1 is nightmare after XP. I have Steve’s DVD but it is items like this I need. Teacher showed me how to convert to Notebook but still gobbly gook to me.
    I read all your emails.

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