Can I Keep Office 2003?

Janet from Wichita, KS writes:

I am still using Microsoft Office 2003 and it is working just fine for my needs.  I am wondering if I should upgrade to Office 2013 since 2003 is no longer supported.  Also, will the 2003 documents I have saved still work with 2013?

Janet, while your program may still work just fine, if you are going online at all with that particular computer I would say it’s time to upgrade. Many attackers use Word files to carry out their attacks on Windows and without security support, it’s not a good idea to keep Office 2003 on a computer that’s connected to the Internet. The good news is that Office 2013 will be able to read your files from Office 2003.

You may want to check out these links about the Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscriptions plus this one about the free LibreOffice Suite.

~ Cynthia

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