A malware campaign called Unflod Baby Panda is going after iPhones, specifically devices that have been “jailbroken”¬† Jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone or tablet is a way to get around certain settings that manufacturers lock into your phone. It can enable you to change certain settings or purchase or download content from places other than the devices approved app store.

According to security firm SektionEins, this bit of malware appears to be Chinese in origin. It monitors jailbroken devices and the outgoing SSL connecitons. Then it steals your Apple information and password and passes it to servers that seem to be located in China.

So far, it is believed that deleting¬† the code called Unflod.dylib/framework.dylib and changing your Apple ID and password can remove the problem. But nobody knows enough so far about that Malware to be sure. It’s also unknown what other types of damage this piece of malware can do to your phone or what types of information it can steal.

And since this attack is only affecting jailbroken phones, don’t count on a team of Apple security experts working to solve it as quickly as possible. They don’t want you to jailbreak their phones.

The sure way to remove the malware is to do a full restore on the phone.  This returns your device to the factory state with no downloaded apps, music or other data.

~ Cynthia