Christine from Philadelphia writes:

Hope you can address this question in a newsletter in case others may want to know.  I have Windows 7 and not looking to upgrade unless forced to.  However, do you know if Microsoft intends to go back to a regular Windows in the future since so many hate touchscreen…….including me, who wants nothing to do with it.  I think messing with the screen to get to where you want is wasteless work……the mouse is soooooo much easier.

Christine, don’t expect Microsoft to move away from touchscreens. Touchscreen devices like tablets are a booming market while traditional keyboard/mouse PC sales are flat or declining.  However, Microsoft realizes there are still a whole lot of mouse and keyboard users out there (especially in business settings) and recent changes to Windows 8.1 reflect that.

The system will now detect if you’re using a keyboard and boot automatically to a traditional desktop if you are. I discuss other 8.1.1 updates geared towards users of mouse and keyboard in this article.

An entire generation is growing up mailing relying on touchscreen devices. To them, touchscreens are so much easier. With 8.1.1, Microsoft is trying to appeal to both groups.

~ Cynthia