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Charles from St. Charles, MO. writes:

I want to uninstall or disable “Searches”. Indexed Searches has 289 items. Everywhere Search has 121,991 items. It seems that everything I do is recoded in “Everywhere Search”. I don’t need any searches recorded in my computer. I am running IE9 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I appreciate and Thank You for your kind assistance.

 Hi Charles,

The folders you are mentioning are your indexed search folders. These folders are typically created with the Hidden attribute, so many people never see them.  Indexing is designed to make your computer searches go faster. It is recommended if you are not that great at organizing your files, especially for a multiple user computer, or those used by younger children. However, if you are very good at organizing your files and know exactly where everything is, you could choose to disable the service. It is supposed to only run when your computer is not being used, but does sometimes start up during use and may cause a slow down of your computer.  If you feel this happens and would like to disable indexing, here are the directions.

To turn off the service, we need to open up all our services. In Windows 7, the easiest way to do this is to go the start menu and type Services at the bar at the bottom.

Click on Services, and it will open up a list of all services on the computer. Scroll down until you see Windows Search. Right click on it and click on Properties.

This will bring up a dialog box. In the middle of the General tab, you will see Startup type. Click the box, and click on Disabled. Then click Apply at the bottom.

You may also want to reboot your computer after doing this to be certain it stays that way. You can also just disable indexing on certain drives by going to Computer and right clicking the drive, then click on Properties. In the window that pops up, uncheck Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.

For more information about indexing, see Microsoft’s FAQ about the topic.


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  1. Hi Steve ,
    I love your newsletter and i have been getting them for a very long time . I am running windows 7 and i keep getting a pop up that says pirrit desk top has stopped working. I saw that this is some kind of a service ? But it also is an exc file. i do know not to click on it of course . Do i disable this ? thank you in advance .

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