In The News 05-09-2014

Windows 7 Top OS, Followed By XP

Windows 7 still remains the top desktop operating system. According to NetMarketShare, that OS accounted for 49.27% of all traffic on the web worldwide. It was followed by Windows XP at 26.9%, barely down from a 27.7% share in March, despite the end of security support. Windows 8 and 8.1 account for 14.5% , a number that is slowly and steadily growing as people purchase new PCs. Vista retains around 3% of the market. The Mac OS is round on 4% of computers accessing the Internet and Linux holds a 1.5% share of the market.

The number of people holding on to XP is concerning for security experts, though Microsoft did back off their policy a bit and release a patch for a serious flaw in Internet Explorer that affected XP. But the company warned users not to expect it to happen again.

 Would-Be Snoopers Get Hacked Themselves

In a case of “it serves you right,” people looking to snoop in their friend’s Facebook account found themselves hacked.  According to security experts Symantec, a post was circulating on Facebook that offered a link to a Google Doc that promised to teach you how to learn your Facebook friends’ passwords. 

Users were told to cut and paste the code from the document into their browser console window and wait two hours for it to take effect. What they actually did was give control of their account to hackers who followed and liked numerous pages and tagged all of their friends in the comments sections of the post.  If you (and shame on you) fell victim to this scam, you’ll need to check your activity log and unfollow all the pages and profiles linked to the scam.

Google Offers Help To New Parents

As part of the Helpouts by Google service of realtime help from experts – the company is offering real-time video assistance to new parents. Experts will offer advice on topics from breastfeeding to sleep habits and hints on how new mothers can get in shape.

Now, not all of the advice is free – some of the experts can charge as much $175 for a session.

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