Tablets For Video: There Are Better Options

Karen from Alexandria, MN writes:

What type of tablet would you recommend for recording my son’s hockey games so we can get video to upload for a recruiting college website? We have friends who use an iPad, but wondering if there is something better? Thanks.

 I wouldn’t suggest any tablet for the purpose of video recording. You will get just as good a picture with the camera on most smartphones and they are a lot easier to carry and hold up while you are shooting video. There’s nothing wrong with taking family videos on a tablet if you have one, but if you’re looking to attract the attention of recruiters, you may want to step it up.

The drawback to shooting with both a tablet and a camera is the lack of an optical zoom. An optical zoom actually gives you a closer, clearer look at your subject, while the digital zoom available on phones or tablets just crops the picture and moves closer in, sacrificing clarity.

If your son is doing something amazing out there on the ice, it might be nice to be able to zoom in on him in action. Most point and shoot digital cameras have the option to take videos – so it’s possible that you already have that option on a camera you already own.

If you have high hopes for your son’s hockey future and would like to be able to record him in the future, you might also look at a dedicated video camera. I was able to find HD video recorders with up to a 52X optical zoom for less that $150 while looking around online.

If you want to make those videos stand out from the crowd of video submissions, consider buying a tripod for extra smooth movement.

Or just use a phone or the tablet you have. But I would not purchase a tablet just for the purpose of taking videos.

~ Cynthia

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