Yahoo Ends ‘Do Not Track’ – Says It’s For Users’ Own Good

Yahoo is saying goodbye to its “Do Not Track” policy, but says it’s happening for the good of users.

Previously, if you turned on a do-not-track function in your browser, the company would honor that request and not track what you clicked on from Yahoo’s services.

Now the company will track all of your interactions with its content. But the company says you really want it that way. According to a blog post by the “Yahoo Privacy Team,” the company is “striving to provide you with a highly personalized experience” and to keep users “connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world.”

They seem to have decided that tracking your every move is the best way to bring about that “highly-personalized” experience they seem to think users are craving.

Interestingly, Yahoo was the first big tech company to implement “Do Not Track.”  The company suggests heading over to the Yahoo Privacy Center and changing your privacy settings using their privacy tools.

You do have the the ability to opt out of Ad Matching  (Yahoo directing ads based on what it believes to be your interests) and to set preferences for the types of ads you’d care to see.  But nowhere does it say, it still won’t track what you do on Yahoo, it just won’t place specific ads based on that activity. To opt out, you must also allow Yahoo cookies and opt out on each individual computer you use.

In the Yahoo Privacy Center Information Collection and Use section, Yahoo states that the company collects personal information when you use Yahoo services for visit Yahoo site or pages of certain partners. The company also collects information about your transactions with them and their business partners and your use of financial products and services offered by Yahoo. They also automatically record information about your computer, browser, IP address, software and hardware.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Ends ‘Do Not Track’ – Says It’s For Users’ Own Good

  1. I would HATE this. I don’t want the ads and banners and most have viruses so we are told never to click on them. If I opted out, I’d still want to be opted out. It’s also another way for the government to track you.
    Big Brother is here.

  2. Time for all to get a private browser like: SearchDuckDuckGo, or Ixquick protects your privacy!

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