In The News 05-16-14

Will Amazon Launch An $80 Smartphone?

Rumors are flying about a potential Amazon smartphone. Tech site BGR leaked a photo of what it claims is the new 4.7″ inch touchscreen Android phone that Amazon is expected to launch in the fall. Price speculation has ranged from free to $80.

The phone is purported to have some interesting features like six individual camera modules, 3D display  and a Prime Data plan that would give users access to the Amazon cloud and services enjoyed by Amazon Prime members.

Amazon is keeping quiet on the subject of the phone, letting the rumor mill grind about what types of features it may offer.

Nintendo loses $456 Million Thanks To Weak Wii U Sales

Weak sales of Wii U game units have hit Nintendo hard. Fewer than 3 million of the units sold in the U.S. in the past 12 months. Compare that to Microsoft Xbox One, which sold 5 million and the 7 million Sony PS4 units and things don’t look good. 

Handheld gaming devices are doing better for the company, but this means Nintendo has lost money for three years in a row.

 Pandora Adds Promo Stations

Music streaming pioneer Pandora is trying a new approach to raise ad revenue. The company is adding stations put together by advertisers. These stations show up under “Stations You Might Like.”

Among advertisers in the promoted stations are Taco Bell, Skechers and Toyota. The stations are currently being promoted to 10% of the service’s 76 million users. Pandora said the stations were created in response to demand from advertisers.

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