Chromebook: Can I Get Print Drivers?

Harry from St. Louis writes:

Are there print drivers available for the Google Chrome OS?

No Harry, Chromebooks are designed to work with cloud-enabled printers or you can set up a traditional PC with an Internet connection to use as a print server. But you can’t print straight to a standard printer with your Chromebook.

Only newer printers fit into this cloud-ready category.  You would need to open your Chrome browser and go to

There you can set up a cloud-ready printer if you have it available.

You’ll see the list of cloud-ready models and it will walk you through the set-up.

 You can also use a PC with an attached printer via Google Print.  You’ll need to open the Google Chrome browser on your PC and sign in with your Google account. Choose the menu button and then select settings.


 Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Settings page and select Show Advanced settings. More choices will be visible.

Scroll down some more to Google Cloud Print and select Manage.

Under Devices, choose Classic Printers and then Add Printers.

You will then see a list of printers available from your PC

 Chromebooks were not designed with printing in mind. Google is geared towards a paperless cloud-based future where printing may be something that is occasionally required, but not an everyday activity. The idea is that you’ll share things via Google Drive instead.

If you do a lot of printing, this is an important factor to consider when choosing the device that’s right for you.

~ Cynthia

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