Microsoft Word: Add Current Date And Time

Here’s a quick keyboard shortcut to add the current date and current time in Microsoft word.

To add the date, press Alt-Shift-D, and it will add the date.

Hit Alt-Shift-T, and it will add the current time, based on your computer time.

Keep in mind these are dynamic, so every time you open your document, it will change to the current date and time. If you print it, it will of course save the current date. This might be helpful if you are working at a job where you do a similar thing every day, and need to document the date and time each time you open and print the document.

However, there is a fix for it if, after you use the shortcut, make sure you are in the date or time field and hit Ctrl+Shift+F9. This will make it static and stay the same.

Unfortunately, this shortcut only works in Word, not in other word processing programs.

– Audra

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