In The News 05-23-14

Firefox Says Yes To Adobe’s DRM

Firefox has agreed to build a digital rights management standard named Ecrypted Media Extension into the browser. This means that users will now be able to view video from protected sources using that browser. Previously users who wanted to watch a Netflix movie or other content with certain DRM had to switch browsers.


The folks at Mozilla aren’t happy about this, they avoided it as along as possible, but finally gave up saying there just isn’t a better option out there yet.  Mozilla had hoped for an open-source option as opposed to proprietary software. Mozilla had also pushed for a standard that tied digital rights to specific accounts and not to specific devices. The DRM encryption will come from Adobe and be added on to the browser as a module.

 Comcast Bringing Back Data Caps

Comcast is planning to bring back monthly data caps to its broadband customers. The company is now looking at multiple plans, but the favored one starts users off with 300 GB monthly and then adds $10 for each additional 50GB block that is sued.  They are also looking at a plan for users who don’t use much data at all that would actually refund money to customers who stay below their data cap.

The company ended data usage caps in 2012, but says it is necessary to bring them back. They say without the caps and additional charges for heavy use, customers who have average data use will have to pay more to make us for the bandwidth taken up by heavy users.

Microsoft Drops Xbox One Price

Microsoft is not only dropping the price of the Xbox One from $500 to $400, they are also dropping the Kinect camera that came standard with the purchase.  Though since the console depends heavily on the Kinect voice control for navigation, using the system without Kinect could prove to be a challenge.

The move is puzzling since the system was touted as being designed around the Kinect peripheral. The Xbox One has sold around 4 million units. That puts it a couple million units behind the Sony PS4.

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