Lawrence from Smyrna, GA writes:

How do we get rid of the pop-up windows that Firefox has burdened us with when we are surfing? The person who thought up that idea must have been having a bad dream.

I asked Lawrence to take a screenshot so I could see exactly what he was talking about and here’s what he sent me:

What you have Lawrence is a security add-on for Firefox called Ghostery. Ghostery allows you to see who is tracking your web browsing and prevent them from seeing your information.

Ghostery tracks cookies placed on your computer by pages like Google and 1,000s of other ad networks. It will allow you to block scripts from these sources. You can learn more about Ghostery and download the Firefox add-on by clicking here. 

From the shot you provided, we can see that Ghostery  has blocked tracking from Coniva, DoubleClick, Facebook Connect, Google Adsense, Google+, Livefyre, NotRatings Site Census, Tealium and Twitter.

You have a couple of options. If you would like to keep Ghostery but lose the pop-ups, just click on the little ghost icon at the top right of your Firefox screen.

From the drop-down menu that appears, choose the gear icon.

You’ll notice from this drop-down that you have the option to block or permit various trackers. This program is highly customizable.

To stop the pop-up, you’ll want to choose options.

Click the Advanced tab.

Uncheck the box next to Show alert bubble.

That will take care of the pop-up.  This way you can enjoy the privacy protection of Ghostery without the annoying pop-ups.  The number of trackers, Ghostery is blocking will now just appear next to the ghost icon when you visit the page. Check out the number beside the ghost below. This comes from a visit to a local news site. When you use a program like Ghostery, it’s often surprising how many sources are tracking you.

If you’d like to remove Ghostery all together, you can go to Add-Ons in your Firefox menu.

Choose Extensions


You’ll find Ghostery in the list.  Click on it and then click remove.

~ Cynthia