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Recently, I have seen quite a few posts from my Facebook friends that mentioned what they had done last year or years ago on this day. I wondered how they did it, and then noticed it was posted via Timehop. I decided to download it on my Android phone and check it out.

Timehop is available on both the App store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android devices. Once installed, you can link the app to not only your Facebook account, but to Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare accounts. It also links to your device’s photo gallery. A Facebook account is required to use the app.

Once you have linked your accounts, the app takes a few minutes to link up, but then you can see the previous year’s posts from all your accounts. You can then pick one to share on your Facebook timeline, adding a little note about what was happening if you’d like. You can share past pictures, statuses, tweets, anything that you posted and shared in the past.

This is fun for me, because my daughter just turned 1, so I can now relive some of the big moments of her life a year later. But it also is even more interesting to see the events I posted about 3 or 4 years ago and remind myself what was happening then.

Timehop also features Timehop Sync. This allows offline photos to load to Timehop. When you install it, it will scan your photo folders and any other folder you tell it to scan and look for photos from a camera. The app looks at the date and time information embedded on the photos and then uploads the files. You can then see these pictures as part of your Timehop notifications.

Timehop sends a daily notification to let you know your past posts are ready to view. The one downside I saw is that if you skip a day or longer, you can’t go back and see those past posts. However, in looking at the Frequently Asked Questions on the Timehop app and website, the response to “I forgot to open the app this week, can I see the days I’ve missed?” was this: “Your best bet is a time machine to the future… keep an eye out for updates!” So hopefully that option will come out in future updates.

If you’d like to find out more information, you can go to timehop.com.


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