Summer Reading

As a kid, summer reading was my second favorite thing about summer. The first being able to go swimming either down at Lake Erie or in my friend’s pools. I can even remember reading while floating around a pool as a particularly awesome way to spend my time. 

We always participated in our local library’s summer reading program, and now a lot of school’s have mandatory summer reading (a read one of these books on this list kind of thing). But if your kids are looking for more to read, wouldn’t be nice to have a list of titles you could  recommend that are in their grade level? 

Well this site certainly thinks so! Here you’ll find an assortment of summer reading lists delineated by grade level, as well as tips and tricks to get your kids reading, and even fun reading based activities they can do over the summer. 

To check out the lists, click on the drop down box next to Recommended Reading for – and then select their grade level. The grade levels range from preschool to high school. It will change the four books displayed beneath the drop down box and offer you a link to a complete list for that grade level. 

When you click through to the complete list, there will be an advertisement – just click skip – and then you’ll be on the list page where you’ll find the book titles each with a brief synopsis provided. 

I was never a resistant reader as a child, so I don’t have first hand experience with the challenges of getting kids to read, but I know that it is becoming a more common problem as our world gets progressively more digital. I hope the tips and tricks offered by this site will help you get your kids to read! 

Check it out today!


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