iPads, iPhones Hijacked By Ransomware

A nasty surprise for some users of iPads and iPhones in Australia. Their devices were hijacked by a ransomware attack. A ransomware attack is where hackers seize control of your device and demand a payment to release it back to you.

This attack happened overnight in Australia and users woke up to find a message saying that their device had been hacked by Oleg Pliss. The message also demanded that users pay $100 to Paypal to have the device unlocked.

It hasn’t been determined how the hackers got into the accounts, but some think there must have been a breach of users’ iCloud accounts. It looks as if hackers took advantage of a security feature that allows users to lock their devices if they are lost or stolen. However, Apple says the issue was not a breach off iCloud accounts.

So far, no reports of anyone in the U.S. being affected.

~ Cynthia

0 thoughts on “iPads, iPhones Hijacked By Ransomware

  1. Thanks for the information about the hacking.
    I have a question about the iPad. I hope that you can help me.
    If I buy a new and better one ( I have a generation 2). How can I easily get my 600 photos put in it or “taken out of the old one?”
    There is a video that I want to save as long as I can. My main computer is a windows 7. Thanks

    1. Cynthia may have an easier way, but the two solutions off the top of my head would be –
      (1) Free way is to use iTunes on your computer and do a back-up of the Gen2 iPad, then choose to restore from back-up on the new one from the computer.

      (2) Easier way, paid, is to buy an upgraded storage plan from iCloud and let the cloud back up all the photos. When you get the new iPad you would then choose to retore from a iCloud back-up. To me this way is much easier. 600 pictures would be around 15gb so buying a 20gb additional storage from iCloud ($40/yr) would probably cover it. iCloud gives you 5gb free so you would have a total of 25gb of storage.

      Hope this helped.

      1. correction, 600 pictures would be about 1 or 2gb, not 15, sorry. Forgot how to count for a minute, but considering the average person has a 16gb device (iPhone or iPad) and they are usually always 80-90% full, upgrading the iCloud storage plan is wise.

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