Word Keyboard Shortcuts Part 4

In part 1 , part 2  and part 3 of this series, we covered some of the keyboard shortcut links for Microsoft Word and we’ve still got plenty more to tell you about. Someone pointed out in a comment that no one could possible memorize all of these keyboard shortcuts and that’s true. The idea is to find the shortcuts that apply to the type of documents you work on and learn them. The reason I’m giving you the complete list instead of just picking our five or ten is that then people would ask, “Well what about this?” or “You didn’t explain how to do that.” The plan with this series is to go over the complete list and allow you to pick and choose the ones that work for you.

Up first in this batch, inserting special characters.

There are several shortcuts that can help you extend a selection as well.

These keystrokes will help you select text and graphics in a table.

And this batch will let you move through your document. I use the SHIFT +F5 frequently.

In Part 5 of this series, we’ll look at character and paragraph formatting.

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  1. I bought some software from you ages ago on how to get around in ms office 2007 – when I was working some people had ms word – probably the first version anyway I worked in the legal department and when are work was put on computers – this was with windows 3.1 we all got corel wordperfect – in fact our dept became the largest user of corel – we worked in the document creation department of making documents for people who had all kinds of different pension plans with our company – we used a checksheet program where you could put in the basic info and the computer would jobstream it so all you had to do was edit the document for each client – some didn’t require any editing – I loved wordperfect and even took classes in it to learn more – it far out distances word in creating documents and even typing letters and stuff so tho a friend gave me ms office and I have that on my computer plus I have open office – I still prefer wordperfect that I also have –

  2. Part 4 of shortcuts is a winner, but I need help. How do I obtain contrast in the instructions? I realize it is a picture, but none of the corrective features that show when I right-click in the “box” provide me the ability to make the text a dark black.

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