Missing Mail In Windows 8 Mail App

Alyssa asks:

I just switched to Windows 8. I set up my mail accounts in the Windows 8 mail app, but now it seems that I am missing a lot of my old mail. Where did it go?

Hi Alyssa,

Good question! I rarely check my Hotmail account. It’s one of those email addresses that I’ve had for a long time, and mainly use for newsletters and junk mail. No one sends me any personal mail to it, so I never have much reason to check it. When I do, I typically have over 100 new emails. So I was surprised, and confused, when I opened it to answer this question to discover I only had 34 new emails, just like what you said.

After my confusion, I played around with my settings. As I rarely check this email, and only have Windows 8 on my work computer, I hadn’t really played around with the mail app. I noticed the little statement at the bottom that said “To see messages older than a month, go to Settings.” When I clicked there, sure enough, I was only seeing mail from the last month.

However, when I clicked that link, that option to click here to change my settings went away. What if I wanted to change my settings back? I figured out that if I move my mouse over the bottom right of the screen,(on a touch screen, simply swipe from the right edge) I could click on Settings. I clicked on Accounts, then was able to get to the same options.

Once I changed the settings to see mail from all time, it took a few minutes to download all my mail, but sure enough, there they were.

202 unread emails. Sigh. Back to sorting and deleting emails!

– Audra




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