Charles writes:

I got an e-mail from someone with a link to a video. I cannot play the video, but if I download Google Chrome, then I can play the video. What am I missing in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 that I cannot play the videos without Google Chrome. I do not really like Google Chrome or Google as a home page. I seem to be missing something.

Charles, Internet Explorer 11 works a little differently that Chrome or Firefox. Instead of using add-ons like Flash, Silverlight or Quicktime to play video, it streams content using HTML5 and Adobe Flash.

If you have an issue playing a video, try turning on compatibility view in IE 11.  Go to the gear symbol in the upper-right and select Compatibility view settings from the drop-down menu.

Then you can add the site to the list of sites in compatibility view.

 Also make sure to check you don’t have InPrivate browsing turned on. It may be blocking a pop-up or disabling an add on that the video program needs in order to play the video.  Go to the gear symbol and choose Safety followed by InPrivate browsing.

You can choose to turn InPrivate Browsing off. 

You may need an add-on or extension to play the video. If you click on it to play, it may tell you which one you are missing.  Or you can compare add-ons and extensions in Chrome to IE and see what’s different. Among the top culprits for videos not playing are missing or disabled FlashPlayer or Java add-ons.

To check add-ons in IE, click the gear symbol and choose Manage add-ons from the drop-down window.

To find them in Chrome, click the menu icon and choose Settings.

Then select Extensions on the far left.

 If Java is enabled in Chrome and not in IE, that could be the problem.  Although sometimes, you will find that you just have to use another browser beside your preferred program to view videos on another site.

You do not, however, have to settle for Google as your homepage in Chrome. You can switch to any homepage you choose, even MSN.  Select Settings, then choose appearance and underneath Show home button, choose Change.

Then type in the site you want for a homepage.


~ Cynthia