Amazon Adds Music Streaming To Prime Membership

Amazon has added an ad-free streaming music service to their $99-a-year Prime Membership. Previously that membership featured videos and access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library titles. Now users can choose from a catalog of more than 1 million songs at no extra charge.

This offers a direct competition to ad-supported services like Pandora and Spotify. Amazon Prime music will offer unlimited ad-free music and also so allow users to mix and match playlists with music they’ve purchased from Amazon. Users can listen to the music on their Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets or download the app for Android or iOS devices.

Oculus Uses Facebook Money To Develop Games

When Facebook spent a couple of billion dollars to acquire virtual reality headset maker Oculus, a lot of people who had supported the successful Kickstarter campaign for the device were worried that would mean the end of game development.  But it seems the opposite is happening.

In an interview with PC World, the company head Nate Mitchell said they’ve hired forty people, including gaming heavyweights John Carmack and Jason Rubin.¬† He said that game development is the number one priority for the company since without games, people wouldn’t have much use for the headset.

Users who got to try out demo games on the Oculus Rift at the recent E3 conference were impressed with what they saw.

 Samsung Smart Appliance Lets You Make Calls From Your Fridge

Samsung is trying to prove it doesn’t just make smart phones, it can turn out some pretty smart home appliances too. They’ve upgraded their new 4-door refrigerator to include built-in WiFi. This fancy model will also sync with your Galaxy S5 or Note 3 tablet and you can also make phone calls from the refrigerator’s LCD screen. It will also allow you to watch your Samsung Smart TV on your refrigerator. You can also run apps and surf the Internet.

The $3600 refrigerator also features adjustable shelving and special compartments for keeping items like fish extra cool without freezing them.

~ Cynthia