George in Virginia writes:

I have XM radio in my Cadillac XLT and the Pandora app.  How do I actually establish a connection to Pandora so I can receive the music?

You can listen to Pandora in your Cadillac using the Cadillac User Experience. To listen to Pandora you must first access the Internet. In this case, you’ll have to pair your vehicle via Bluetooth with a device that has the Pandora App installed. You’ll need a smart device with Bluetooth capability. This could be an Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

You can pair up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devices with your vehicle. But only one device can be active at a time.

You will need to have the Pandora App installed on your phone or tablet to use with CUE. It will use your phone’s Internet connection to play back the music.

If you don’t already have a Pandora account, you’ll need to create one and make sure the Pandora app is installed on any device you wish to use for playback. Pair the device with your vehicle and then tap the Pandora app to open on your phone or tablet.

Then tap the Pandora app on your CUE screen to start.

Your standard data rates for your phone will apply when you use it with CUE.

~ Cynthia