How Do I Delete Skype Calls?

James from Nigeria writes: 

I am using an HP laptop with Win 8 OS. On my Skype after making calls and I want to delete the call list… how do I do it? I have tried and tried but I just cant seem to delete my recent call lists on Skype. Any help in doing this is much appreciated.

 Being able to easily remove old calls from the call list and getting rid of old chat messages has been a recurring issue for Skype users over the years, but now there’s an option both to fully delete history and even to prevent Skype from saving this kind of data in the first place. First, open the “Tools” menu at the top of the Skype window and click “Options” to bring up the program’s menu screen.

Options Menu

Open the “Privacy” tab at the left side of the Options menu and select the “Privacy Settings” sub-heading.

Privacy Tab

If you don’t want Skype to save any call history in the future, open the “Keep History For…” drop-down menu and choose “No History.” Otherwise leave this menu at its current setting if you want Skype to keep saving call and instant messaging data in the future.

Setting History Length

Click the “Clear History” button to the right of the “Keep History For…” menu to fully clear out your previous Skype call history. Click “Delete” to confirm your choice.

Deleting Call History

You can also go through the same process for your instant messaging and text message logs if you want, by navigating to the “IM & SMS” tab and selecting “IM Settings.” Click “Clear History” to delete all past history and then choose “No History” from the drop-down menu if you don’t want a log kept of previous instant or text messages.

IM Settings

~ Ty Arthur

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  1. I too am using Win 8(.1) but on a Dell Desktop. I’m trying to learn about Skype because there are a couple family members I would like to have an occasional video chat with. I have yet to have my first contact.
    Your Skype articles are showing a LOT of stuff on the Skype screen that I have not seen. Maybe that’s why I have yet to make my first contact?

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