Do you get annoyed by the red number on the corner of the App Store reminding you to update your apps? Lots of people do, but it’s nothing to worry about because in iOS 7, you can solve that problem with automatic app updates for iPhones and iPads. Once enabled, all your apps will  update themselves magically in the background without you needing to take any action at all! Here’s how to do it.

1. Launch the Settings app.

settings app ios

2. If you have an iPhone, scroll down your screen until you find the iTunes & App Store menu, and tap on it. If you have an iPad, scroll through the menus on the left-hand side of your screen until you see the iTunes & App Store option, and then tap on it.

itunes and app store in settings

3. Make sure you are logged in at the top with your Apple ID and password. If not, be sure to sign in with the username and password you use for downloading apps.

itunes and app store signed in

4. Locate the section below your Apple ID called AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS.

automatic downloads screenshot

5. Next to the option labelled Updates, slide the switch to the right to turn on automatic updates for your iOS device. Once enabled, iPhone users can also choose whether or not to allow app updates using cellular data or not.

turn on automatic app updates for ios

From this point onwards, your iPhone or iPad will no longer require you to launch the App Store to get the latest updates for all your favorite apps. The updates will happen automatically, and in the background. Oh, and the red number on the corner of the App Store icon? It will no longer bother you, because it disappears for good as soon as you enable automatic app downloads.

~ Jonathan Wylie