So it turns out that I had a tech tip question for myself last Friday night:

Cynthia from Ohio writes:

I was putting together a family reunion document for my father-in-law to e-mail to relatives. I used Microsoft Word 2013’s templates to create it and I put in a link that people could click to get the directions.

But the link only works if you press Ctrl + Click and not when you just click on it. What gives?

Well, Self… After a little searching I found the cause of what was troubling me, myself and I. In Word 2013, links default to Ctrl + Click to open instead of just a click. The reasoning is that it makes the links easier to edit. I’ve previously had the experience of links opening when I was attempting to edit them, so I can see their point. But there is a quick fix.

Open your document and click the File tab at the top of the page.

Choose Options.

The Word Options window will open. Select Advanced on the left.

Make sure to uncheck the box next to Use CTRL + Click to follow link. Then choose OK.

Now users can just click or tap the link in your document to go to the site.

~ Cynthia