For charities and non-profit organizations, having a blog where they can share stories about the work they do, the people they help and the events they host is a no-brainer. People need a simple online destination where they can not only access information about your organization, but where they can also interact with, and donate to, the cause. The following five tips can help ensure your blog is as donation-friendly as possible, while inspiring readers to give.

1. Wording

It might seem a little counter-intuitive, but non-profit organizations wanting to use their blog as a way to increase donations should probably avoid the word “donate” all together. As Donor Community notes, the word “support,” along with the name of the charity or organization, tends to boost donation rates by as much as 16 percent per page view.

2. Specifics

Another effective way to use your blog to increase donations is to let readers know exactly how and where their money will be used. For example, their donation will buy a child two new pairs of shoes, pay for 10 hot lunches or provide six shelter animals with warm blankets. Donors like to know exactly how their hard-earned money is being used, and how they can specifically make a difference in a person or pet’s life.

3. Short Videos

A fantastic way to let potential donors know more about your charity or non-profit organization is to show them with a short video. The video can highlight touching testimonials from actual recipients or serve as a summary of a latest mission trip. While some organizations might be unsure about making a video due to its technical and time requirements, it can be a much simpler process with stock photos. For example, a not-for-profit hospital can find a wide selection of short blog-friendly, ready-to-use stock videos at a website like Shutterstock and simply add them to their blog, then use text to speak about their specific organization or goals.

4. Simplicity

Making a donation should be a quick and easy process. While non-profit organizations may want to get as much contact information as they can from donors and give them as many options as possible, it’s better to make the donation form short and sweet to secure the transaction. The last thing a charity or non-profit wants to do is lose out on a contribution because of a cumbersome and overwhelming online donation form. Make the donation form as quick and streamlined as possible, with minimal contact information and just a few simple donation options.

5. Positioning

In order to increase the chances of a donation, it’s imperative to put the donation information in an eye-catching, obvious spot. Readers should never have to work to find the “support” button! Readers examine websites most often from top to bottom and left to right. Place the donation area “above the fold” (readers don’t have to scroll down to see the donation area) to ensure it’s immediately visible. Test your blog for functionality and appearance on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.