Eliminate Noisy Tabs With Google Chrome

No one really enjoys opening a web site only to be bombarded by a video or audio playing in the background. If you tend to have multiple tabs open at a time to stay on top of email, Facebook and checking for deals on Amazon, it might be difficult to determine which tab is suddenly making noise. Google Chrome understands your frustrations and has finally come up with a way to help you eliminate noisy tabs. While it isn’t perfect yet, at least it will help you silence tabs faster.

Identify With Chrome

You don’t have to open each tab in Chrome to see which tab is making noise. If Chrome detects a video or audio file playing on a site, you’ll see a speaker icon to the far right of the noisy tab. 



Click the tab and locate the video or audio. You should see a pause or stop button. 

Chrome also lets you know if a tab is using your webcam or streaming to your TV. If you see a red record icon at the end of a tab, the site is using your webcam. If you haven’t given the site permission to do so, close the tab immediately. If you see a blue rectangle TV icon at the end of a tab, a site is casting it’s content to your TV. This is most common with streaming media sites if you’ve connected your TV and computer.

If you don’t see these icons on your tabs when you know you should, you may need to upgrade Google Chrome. The new feature just came out in January 2014. Upgrade by opening Google Chrome and clicking the Settings menu at the top right corner of the screen. 









Select About Google Chrome.





Chrome will immediately start checking for new updates. If your browser is up to date, you’ll see a message stating Google Chrome is up to date. If not, you’ll be prompted to download the new update. After downloading, Chrome will install the update for you and restart your browser.









While Chrome gives you a great start, it doesn’t stop the problem from occurring to begin with. Plus, it doesn’t help if you use another browser. Luckily, you do have a few other options.

In Firefox, you can install NoScript. Not only does it block most sites from automatically playing audio and video, it also helps stop dangerous scripts that can place viruses on your computer. 

In Chrome, you can install NotScript. It works similar to NoScript for Firefox. Simply click the link Free button to download and install it.

Both are free and help protect you and keep tabs silent. However, when nothing else works, browse with your volume turned down or muted. This is especially helpful if you’re using your computer in a public location. 


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