How Can I Talk To An Actual Person At Microsoft?

Bryan from Reisterstown, MD writes:

I need a phone number for Microsoft where I can speak to a tech. I have a Microsoft program that is asking for my MS ID and a password which I have forgotten since I haven’t needed it for years until the “Hotmail” to “Outlook” changeover. Now I cannot access any programs through Microsoft because of the forgotten password. I have reset the password many times, and every time I try to access my program, it again asks for the password and says it is no good. Please tell me how to call Microsoft so I can explain my problem verbally, not thru a “chat” or email. (Can’t access email either!) Thank you.

After doing some research, it looks like you have a few options. Although it seems like the automated password reset service isn’t working, Microsoft has tried to improve this service in the past, so it might be worth trying to use that method again.

If you want to get in touch with an actual person at Microsoft, there are a wide range of numbers that you can call, but these two seem to work best, according to a few different sites:

  • Dial 800-642-7676, and press 0 until you get someone (should take about three presses).
  • Dial 800-936-5700, and stay silent at all of the prompts until you get someone.

Try these out, and let us know how it goes. And if anyone else has advice on how to get in touch with Microsoft, please share it in the comments!


0 thoughts on “How Can I Talk To An Actual Person At Microsoft?

  1. Dann,

    I would have asked for a more detailed description of what Bryan was doing when he used the automatic password reset option. Anyone that can’t even search for and find a phone number to call a company could very easily be doing something wrong when they do the reset process. He could be doing something like going through the reset process but then using the same old password, or not really finishing the whole process, or any one of several other inexperienced user mistakes.

  2. using old passwords! not finishing the whole sign ups! I think most likely would follow thru finally going to their Email box for a confirmation password & entering that on the MS sign up page.

    Another miniscule point -always use last incoming/came password from multiple failure attempts!
    Though all I have to say is “far out” I have same probs “unable to assign with Microsoft, so thx4sharing contact details.
    I wish they did better personal chat/emailing, but doesn’t nearly every site out there fail to consider Email contact & if so they’re likely dysfunctional -mc

  3. I am trying to get into my Microsoft account they came saying it ring email but it nit I have email years will let me into my facebook account can you help me to get this sorted I really miss my facebook only way I can keep in contact with my family

  4. I have window 7 tried window 10 it would not work had to have a tec person redue my computer so it would work know internet exp crashes all the time when it running it freezes run slow just a big pain you have spent a ton of money on window 10 so the other window 7,8 you don’t care about so what can I do to keep my window 7 working thanks for your time ed

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