In part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we learned all about how e-mail encryption works and how to download and install a program called GpG4win. If you haven’t read those articles yet, go back and check them out.

So far we have downloaded and installed GpG4win and are ready to use it to protect our e-mail communication.

Now, we need first to create a certificate for us, this certificate will hold our key pair (private and public key).

Open Kleopatra program using Windows start menu as follows:


When the  main Kleopatra Program interface appears, Select “File” Menu and choose the option “New Certificate” as follows:

A pop up window appears asking you which type of certificate you want to select; In my case I will select the first option “Create a personal OpenPGP key pair” and hit the “Next” Button to continue.

Next, a dialog asks you to enter your name, email and comment; all this info will be visible to anyone viewing the e-mail.

Hit the “Next” button to continue, the next screen shows a summary of the data entered. If everything is correct hit the “Create Key” button.


A pop-up window appears, asking you to enter a passphrase for securing your Private key.(use strong passwords with both big & small letters and numbers, symbols, at least 8 characters) Memorize this password as you cannot send or receive encrypted messages without it.

If everything is correct, the final window appears stating that Key pair was successfully created.

Press the “Finish” button and you are done.

A new key with the name you specified will appears in Kleopatra main window under “My Certificates” tab as follows:

In the final part of our series, we’ll learn how to send and receive e-mails using the key you’ve created.

~ Nihad