Emmy from Australia writes:
How can I take my signature of my Yahoo mail? At the end of each email I send out my phone numbers go with every email and my name. How can I change that in the Yahoo mail system. As you can see when you get this email that my contact numbers appear.  I want to take them away but don’t know how to do that in the Yahoo mail system.
Emmy, first I’m going to explain how an e-mail signature works in Yahoo! Mail for those who aren’t familiar with it and then I’ll show you how to delete yours. An email signature is really just some text inserted at the end of each e-mail. It could include your name or phone numbers or a website or maybe a quote you’d like to share.
Here’s how to add it in Yahoo! Mail. Go to the inbox and click the Settings icon. Then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
Choose Writing email from the menu at the left.
You’ll see the option to add a signature. This signature will be displayed at the end of every e-mail that you send.
From the drop-down menu you can choose to add a plain text or a rich text signature.
A text box will open and you can type your signature. You can also choose a font, make the text bold or italic and change the color and alignment of the text or add a link to a website.
When you are satisfied with the result, just click save.  If you no longer wish to have a signature, just click that drop-down menu next to signature and choose “Don’t use a signature” and click save.
If you just want to remove the signatures from just some e-mails,  compose the e-mail, highlight your signature in the message and delete it.
Hope that helps.
~ Cynthia