I asked for your 8.1 questions and Kathy had quite a few:

Kathy from O’Fallon, MO writes:

Our computer kept wanting us to upgrade to 8.1 and I kept saying ask me later. Then about a month ago my husband said, “I don’t know how to tell you this but this am when I got on the computer it started upgrading to 8.1 on it’s own but it says at the end if you do not want it you can not agree to their terms and it will go back to 8.0, I said well this will finally stop the constant badgering to upgrade and they say it is the same. one. I am used to doing screen shots, as receipts when I pay on line or if I buy something or if I have a question about something and then enclosing it in an email to people. I used to have a file in My Pictures file named Screenshots that the computer had made and put them (screenshots) there. Well that stopped with 8.1. I have found them in Photo Gallery finally but there is no way that I can get to them to send in an email that I have found. 2.

I also lost “Computer” could not find it anywhere but last week or so I was looking again for things and found it but they renamed it to “This PC” I do not like the way it opens when you go to attach a picture, it always had a certain path I had to take but now it goes to the last file I was in, constantly. IF I could find my newest Screen shots to be able to access right away I would be ok with it.

I hate computers again, they keep making changes and I am old and do not adjust well to changes. Oh the reason I was looking for Computer was I put in a flash drive and it did not come up automatically and I was trying to find it because I could not open it.

Now it is coming up if I put one in, but the memory cards still haven’t come up automatically when I put one in. I just got on here hoping I could find some tips on 8.1 and saw this!

Take a breath, Kathy. There aren’t any changes in the way screenshots are handled in 8.0 and 8.1.  When you take a screenshot with 8.1 it goes into a folder called Screenshots.

The screenshots are named by number, but you can change the name if you want. If you can see the images in photo gallery, they’re in your Photos file.  The photo gallery isn’t a place where photos are saved, it’s just a way to view the ones saved on your computer. Check your Screenshot folder again and try sorting by date. They are probably there.

(*update – Kathy looked through her screenshots folder again and found the files. When she updated to 8.1 the numbering on the screenshots started all over again.)

As for the This PC, issue. That’s not a change between 8 and 8.1, but it is a change between between Windows 7 and 8. What was called “My Computer” on Windows XP and “Computer” on Windows 7 is now called “This PC” on Windows 8 and 8.1.  It is exactly the same function. You can always find it quickly in 8.1, just by clicking the folder icon in the lower left of the desktop.

I suspect the name was changed because more and more users can use their PC to access multiple devices and cloud services. This PC is a little more accurate as to the files you’re looking at.  “Computer” or “My Computer” could refer to other devices, because they are computers and your computer as well.

Here’s how to make flash drives and memory cards open automatically. Type AutoPlay into your Search Charm in Windows 8.1. 


A Window will open that will let you select the AutoPlay defaults for devices. You can choose to turn AutoPlay on for all devices or under removable drive, select Open folder to view files.  You can  do the same with the settings for Memory card.  If that doesn’t work, try holding the Shift key down when you insert flash drives or media into your computer to open AutoPlay.

Right now, it looks like we’ve got you issues under control. Let me know if you have more questions about 8.1 or anything else.

~ Cynthia