In a previous article, I talked about a few tips and tricks to make Internet searches work better for you. I’ve just discovered a few Image Search tricks that may also help you out.

First, you can actually search by an image. When you go to Google Image Search, you will see a camera icon in the search bar. Clicking on that will open up a box as below.

You can search your computer for an image, enter an image URL or drag an image from another webpage into the box. This could be helpful if you saw a picture of a dress, shoes, tool, or anything you wanted to buy and wanted to find purchasing options. Or maybe someone posted a picture on a social media website (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook) and you wanted to know where they got it or just wanted more information.

You can also filter pictures with search tools. If you type in your search terms and get your results, you’ll then see Search Tools as an option. Clicking this will open up choices for Size, Color, Type, Time, and Usage Rights. If you want just a black and white picture, you can filter by that. Maybe you need your size to be smaller or larger. Maybe you want just animated GIFs. You can use these options to filter your picture options and get exactly what you are looking for.

Finally, for a fun “blast from the past” time waster, you can go to Image Search and type Atari breakout. This will turn your cursor into a paddle and let you play the classic arcade game. Each level the blocks you break become pictures of a random image search chosen by Google.

– Audra