Do you use Gmail? Would you like to make the interface cleaner and easier to use? Well now you can with Gmelius. I use Gmail for both my work and personal accounts, so I was really intrigued by the idea of a cleaner, smarter Gmail experience.

When you arrive at the site, there’ll be a button to install the browser extension (based on the browser you’re using either Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, it’s not available for Internet Explorer) and a Discover the Features button. I suggest starting with the Discover button, because it really lays out what Gmelius can do for you!

The free version allows you to get rid of ads, customize your header and inbox, add tracking, read receipts and more! If you click the Install  button for your browser, it will download the extension, install it, and then open it in a new window. There you’ll be presented with a check list of things you can add or remove from Gmail. Once you’ve checked all the boxes you want to have changed, you click the Save Changes button. 

Beneath the Save Changes button you’ll find more information about Gmelius and the links to the FAQ and the Support Form. 

Check it out and streamline your Gmail interface today!