Jerry writes:

I am presently using Window 7.  In Windows XP it was possible to search for files directly from Windows Explorer. (That little doggie was a terrific sleuth.) It was possible to search by title, by date or keyword. I have saved files to what I believed was a specific folder, but when I attempt to open them, I cannot find them. How can I find where my files went in Windows 7?

The quickest way to find something in Windows 7 is to click the start button and type the name of what you are looking for in the extremely handy Windows 7 search box. As you can see, a search for Android returns results in Documents, Pictures and Files.

You can also find files by using File Explorer. Click the file icon on your taskbar:

The File Explorer windows will open.

On the left side of the Windows you’ll see your libraries. There you can choose to search places like documents, photos or desktop for files.

To search, just type the keyword you are looking for in the search box at the top and click the magnifying glass.

You can also select a library, such as documents, and click in the search box to see options for search filters. Here I will select date.

I can then select the date to narrow the search.

As you can see, all of the search functions from XP are still available in Windows 7.

~ Cynthia