Robert writes:

When using the look-up feature in Word, a dialogue box appears with the title connecting to Then it requests your credentials and asks for a user name and password. I can still access the dictionary, etc… by closing the dialogue box. Why is Microsoft inserting this extra step. Are they getting ready to charge me for something I thought I was already entitled to when I purchased Office.

Robert, you are going to because that’s where the information you’re looking for is stored. Templates, dictionaries, reference material etc… are all constantly updated at Actually, they want your log-in for two reasons. It lets them know what type of information you look for most frequently and they are likely trying to give you something instead of charge you.

Logging in would give you access to your free OneDrive cloud storage along with access to the free Office apps.  If you choose to, you have the options of backing up your documents in the cloud. But as you said, it’s optional and you can choose to ignore it.

~ Cynthia