Snapzu brings you the best content from all around the web and serves it up in one location so that it’s convenient for you to check out! 

When you arrive at the site, you can get a feel for the sort of things that show up from all over the web by checking out the featured content on the main page. Like what you see? Well then you’ll want to register so you can have a customized feed.

To register, you’ll click Join at the top of the page, and then fill out the form with a username, working e-mail address, and then create a password. From the drop down box pick what interests you the most to get your feed started with content you actually want, then select an avatar, and click the blue Create Account button. You will get a verification email but you’re also immediately logged in too. 

Email verification nets you the ability to up/down vote snaps, comments and other contributions, post your own links, pics, images and other content for the community to see, engage in discussions,  follow other members to include their posts/comments in your feed, and join tribes or even start your own.

You should have a feed full of articles and content from the topic you selected when you logged in. Notice the green Take Tour button just above them, click on that to go through the Welcome Tour. I found the tour to be really helpful in explaining the features and how to use the site. Also notice all the topics along the top of the site? Well those are all of the topics covered by the site, you can click into them and follow content that’s up your alley to start customizing your feed! 

Another thing I really like about Snapzu is that it incorporates a leveling experience into it’s platform. As you use it and participate around the site you’ll earn experience that will level you up!  Makes my inner gamer so happy!