Microsoft’s Android app for its OneDrive cloud storage has been enhanced with some new features. It’s all part of the company’s plan to create a unified experience across multiple devices. They want accessing your OneDrive from your phone to be almost the same as going to it from your PC.

Security has been improved by allowing users to set up a PIN number that will limit access to some files even if you have access to the phone.

Microsoft says it has also improved the speed at which your phone camera backs up to OneDrive.

Users will now be able to access both their personal and business accounts using the same app. Those accounts will be kept separate and it will be clear to users which account they are using.

It will now also be easier to get to access your files from other apps. On my phone Office 365 intuitively goes to OneDrive, but other programs sometimes give me an issue.

You can download the free OneDrive app for Android in the Google Play Store.  To learn more about OneDrive click here.

~ Cynthia