Karen from Loveland writes:

I am looking into buying a tablet and I am not sure which would be the best for me. I will be using it to access email  Facebook  & Maps  for when I travel when I am not at my desktop. It would be used more for pleasure than for anything work related.

Just about any tablet should work for those purposes. Android, iPads and Windows tablets all offer a Facebook app that you can download for free from their respective app stores. You will also find map applications and e-mail apps for any brand of tablet.

If you are looking for a tablet specifically for travel, you may wish to go small and go for a 7 or 8″  tablet. That would mean an iPad Mini if you choose to go with an Apple product.

If cost is your overriding concern, with a little looking around you can find an Android tablet for less than $100. Tablets running the full version of Windows will start around $200 and iPad Minis start at $279.

Also keep in mind that a smartphone will perform all of those functions as well and may be even more convenient for travel.

~ Cynthia