Linda from Hoffman Estates, Illinois writes:

I just got an Android tablet and smartphone. When I connect to my email, I can access the emails saved in my folders from my IP email, but cannot go more than 30 days back from my Hotmail account. I have everything checked yes under settings and synching. Is it not possible, or are my settings not correct?

Linda, unfortunately this is a limitation of that users absolutely hate. While you can access all of your e-mail visiting online, you can only see 30 days worth on your phone. Microsoft is currently working on updating many of its Office apps for mobile, so it’s possible this may change.

Until then, it’s a real drawback to, a service I like a lot. One workaround would be to go to in the browser of your tablet or phone and log on there. You can read all of your mail there. However, it is not as convenient as using a mail app.

~ Cynthia