For decades Cliffs Notes have been the busy (some would say lazy) student’s friend. These little yellow pamphlets would tell you all you needed to know to pass a test on a book without reading it.

Now it’s even more convenient than ever not to read books for the classes you’re going deeply in to debt to attend. You can download the CliffsNotes app for your iPhone or iPad for free.

Now, the app may be free, but the content is not. You will have to pay for each guide and they cost about $1.99 each.

The app offers customizable study plans based on the amount of time you have to learn the material. Procrastinators can take advantage of the “Cram Plan” that will just hit the highlights of the material.

There’s also Full Study Plan that allows you to read through at your own pace. (Personally, I’m a fan of the read the darn book plan, but I can understand being rushed for time.)

CliffsNotes will also quiz you to make sure you know enough of the material to pass a test and even features audio plot summaries if you don’t have time to read the guide.

Users can also check out CliffNotes CramCasts, a series of short videos that give a quick overview of what the book is about and three things you need to know about it. On second thought, don’t check that out. You go read the book. You will never have this much free time again in your life. Read!

~ Cynthia