Picadilo is a free online photo editing site that doesn’t require you to register and offers some unique photo editing options. When you go to the site at Picadilo.com, you’ll see this start page.

Click launch the photoeditor to open up the editing tools.

You can choose to add photos from your computer, Facebook or use one of the sample photos to test out the editing tools.

Over to the left, you’ll see standard options like Resize, crop and rotate.

As well as adjustments for Light & Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Color Temperature & Exposure.

When I choose exposure, it automatically makes adjustments to the image that I can choose to apply.

Or I can choose the paintbrush to selectively apply the effect to the image.

In addition to the standard box and free selection tools, Picadilo also offers a magic wand tool, usually only found in paid programs like Photoshop.

Picadilo offers dozens of filters and effects for jazzing up photos.

Select the effect to get a menu with sliders for adjusting the effect.

You’ll also find advanced effects like Color Dodge, Color Burn, Clone Tools, Channel Mixers and Curves. These can be used to make some pretty sophisticated effects.

If you have portraits to retouch, there’s a range of touch-up tools.

And if you click the little test tube icon, you’ll get a choice of quick color effects.

You can add text or a texture and even upload your own textures to make custom effects.

You’ll really enjoy exploring all of the options in this photo editor.

~ Cynthia