A lot of us are worried about our privacy when it comes to social media. We’ve talked before about how you can adjust your privacy settings on Facebook, but a lot of users are confused about who exactly can see what.

Facebook is rolling out a new tool called Privacy Checkup that will help you understand just who can see what you post and assist you in changing the settings. The option should pop up on its own when you open your Facebook page. Or you can click the little padlock symbol at the top of your Facebook feed and select Privacy Checkup from the drop-down menu.

You click Let’s Do It to start the process.

Privacy Checkup will go over with you just who can see your posts. Whether it be friends only, friends of friend or anybody in the Facebook world. You can choose to change the privacy settings from Privacy Checkup.

Next, you’ll look at your apps. You may be surprised to find that there are apps you don’t use or don’t remember installing still hanging around.  You can delete the apps you no longer use.  You can also make changes to who sees posts that apps make for you. If you play a particular game, you can set your posts so that only other people that you play the game with you see them. That keeps you from accidentally spamming your friends with game requests.

Deleting an app is as simple as clicking the X next to it. I found more than a dozen apps, I’d forgotten about.

Then you can take a look at just who can see information in your profile, such as where you work, where you live and where you went to school.

When you have finished, just close Privacy Checkup.

~ Cynthia