Is This The New Windows Start Menu?

A leaked image from a site called WinFuture  says the image below is the Start Menu in Windows 9:

If this image is the real thing, it looks as if Microsoft moved the Search Charm (which I have argued actually is an improved Start Menu) from the side down to the traditional lower left position and also added a preview of your touch-friendly apps without needing to go to the Metro Screen.

What you can’t tell from the screenshot is whether or not the tiles are live (you would be able to see new mail, the latest news or calendar appointments by looking at the menu) or just icons to open the app.

What do you think? Would moving the search and live tiles to the bottom left mean an improvement?

Apple Aggravation – iOS Update Pulled & iPhone 6 Is Bending

Not a good week for  Apple, the company was forced to pull an the iOS8.0.1 update after users said it knocked out their cell service and messed up the Touch ID fingerprint reader. The update was supposed to fix issues with keyboards and the company’s highly -touted HealthKit.

And it looks like Apple’s new ultra-thin iPhone 6 may be a bit too thin. There have been multiple reports of the phones bending and warping in users’ pockets.  One iPhone owner posted a photo of a visibly warped phone in the MacRumors forum saying that it warped after less than 24 hours of use.

The phone is made out of aluminum, which is a pretty soft metal. How easy is it to crush a pop can in your hand? Plus, the phone is only 1/4 thick. So far Apple has no comment on the complaints.

An Apple Watch You Can Afford

With all of the hype over the new Apple Watch, one site has a less expensive Alternative. The Apple Watch starts at $349 and you need an iPhone to make it work. This apple watch can be yours for less than $1. 

The folks at have included step-by step instructions on how to make your very own watch out of an Apple. Of course, you’ll still need an iPhone if you want to make calls, take pictures or play music. But you need an iPhone to do that with a real Apple Watch as well.

Android Apps Available For Chromebook

Google is keeping its promise to make Android apps available for Chromebook, but it is starting slow with just a few. The big news is that popular note-taking app EverNote is now available, as is social app Vine, that allows you to take and share short videos.

The apps are able to run on Chromebook thanks to a Chrome app that creates a virtual Android machine. Additions from the Google Play Store could significantly expand the apps available for Chromebook users.

 ~ Cynthia