Tom from Elmendorf, TX writes:

Is there a way to print a document from my notebook without subscribing to Microsoft Office?

You certainly don’t need¬† a subscription to Office to print a document.¬† If you can open a document on your computer, you can print it from that program.

To print an e-mail from a web-based account, you look for the print option in an open e-mail. For this Yahoo! account, the print command is found in the More menu.

Four, you choose the Actions menu.

For the Windows Live Mail e-mail client, the print command is in a drop-down menu.

For printing documents, if you’re using a Windows computer, it should have WordPad already installed. WordPad will open most document types. Once the document is open, click the drop-down menu in the upper-left of the page to select print.

If you can open a document, you can likely find a print option in a menu somewhere.

While I’m a fan of the Microsoft Office 365 subscription, it has nothing to do with your ability to print. Another option would be to use the free Microsoft Office Online apps on

When you say you want to print from a notebook, I am assuming you mean a notebook or laptop Windows PC. If you, by chance, mean an Android tablet, you can do that as well. I explained the various print apps in another article this week. Click here to learn how to print from a tablet.

~ Cynthia