Why Do My Old Facebook Photos Show Up When I Post New Ones?

Linda from Washington, DC writes:

When I share a photo on Facebook, my friends are now able to see all the photos I’ve ever posted in an iOS Photos folder.  I’ve looked everywhere and cannot seem to find a way to change the setting back so that only those photos are seen when someone clicks on that photo.  Can you help?

Linda, your friends can always see all of the photos you’ve ever posted in the iOS photos folder, if they want to look at them. When you post a photo to Facebook, it goes into an album and stays there until you delete it.  If you allow friends to look at your photos, they can always go back and look at everything you’ve posted.

When you share a photo to Facebook with an iPhone, you are actually adding to the iOS photos album. If you share via Instagram it will go into an Instagram album. For most Android phones, the photos will go into a Mobile Uploads album.

Sometimes instead of just showing just the most recently posted photo, you’ll see a post that says something like “Linda posted a photo to iOS photos” and often show multiple photos from that album going back for years. Sometimes both the photos and the comments are old and it can be confusing to people reading them.

Some users only experience this when they choose the Share option from the camera roll of their mobile device.

If they open up the Facebook app and post the photo from there, this doesn’t happen. No matter how I post photos, this will sometimes happen occasionally.

Your best bet is to create an album for the photos you wish to post. You could do it for an event like a wedding, for a whole month or an album for your Tuesday walk in the park. This keeps your photos nicely separated for comments and such and also makes it easier for you to find the pictures you want.

Go to your Facebook profile and tap Photos.

Tap Albums and select Create album.


Name the album and choose Create.


Then you can add photos to the album.


Select the photos from your phone’s photos and tap Done.


You’ll then be able to post the album with a description.


These few extra steps go a long way towards organizing your photos.

~ Cynthia