Lev writes:

I would like to watch a movie fro YouTube on my TV set. Can I convert a movie from YouTube into a disk and then use this disk in my TV set? In other words, can Windows DVD Maker accept URL addresses?

Lev, you can watch a YouTube video on your TV set, but you’re going about it all wrong. There are much simpler ways.

If you happen to own a Smart TV, you probably already have an app for viewing YouTube videos available or you could could consider buying a set top box like Roku (starting around $50.) or maybe a Chrome Box or Amazon’s Fire TV – all of these devices will allow you to view YouTube videos and videos from plenty of other places on your television.

If you have a newer TV with an HDMI port, you could purchase a Chromecast  stick for  $35.

You could also connect your television to your computer as long as you have the correct video cable.  Click here for an article that describes how to hook up a laptop to a television.

Many newer TVs will allow you to stream wirelessly from your computer or phone.

What you cannot do is input a web address to a DVD maker. A DVD maker just burns video files to the DVD. You have to have those files to burn. It is illegal to download videos from YouTube. Those aren’t your videos and the people or companies that post them often count on the number of plays each video receives to generate advertising dollars. (Yes, I know there are ways to get around that and download videos, but it’s illegal and I’m not encouraging it.)

Also, downloading videos and burning them to DVD would be incredibly time-intensive and could run through a lot of DVDs.  If you don’t already own a smartTV, purchasing a streaming box of some kind would be the most effective route for you.

~ Cynthia