George from Peoria writes:

I use Outlook and for the most part, I am very satisfied with it.  However, I have one problem with it that I can’t resolve on my own. My contacts never go away.  Even though I remove them from my contacts listing, they are still there.  They no longer appear in my contact listings, but appear when I attempt to send an e-mail.

For example: when I begin typing an e-mail address beginning with a letter, a number of possible e-mail addresses pop up.  Some of these contain e-mails for people that I removed years ago. How do I permanently remove these names?

George, I sort of answered your question in yesterday’s newsletter where I explained how to turn on autocomplete.  Follow the instructions in this tip until you get to the part where you scroll down to the send messages section.

You’ll want to click on the Empty Auto Complete button. This will reset your Autocomplete list and empty out all of the old addresses.

This will clean out your newer addresses as well, but should learn them again pretty quickly as you send e-mails.

~ Cynthia