Linux Foundation Wants To Build Drones

The Linux Foundation, the people behind the free operating system, has announced a new project. They’re working on an open-source system to operate drones.  Among companies taking part in the project are 3D Robotics, Baidu, Box, DroneDeploy, Intel, Qualcomm and SkyWard.

Drones are currently being used in industries from agriculture to energy to collect data and TV stations and the film industry use drones to take aerial shots for a much lower cost that hiring helicopters.  More than 1,200 developers will be working on the Dronecode project.  Amazon caused a stir awhile back when the company said it hoped to soon deliver packages by drone, but a project like this could make drone delivery a reality for many businesses.

Hackers Grab 100,000 Snapchat Photos

One of the selling points for the Snapchat App is that the photos don’t hang around forever. Images and videos are supposed to disappear after a few seconds. Now a hacker has released over 100,000 images and videos, allegedly grabbed from the service over the past few years.

It looks as if the users were victimized by a third-party app that held on to their images. Snapchat says their servers were never breached. Many of the users are teenagers and some of them have been known to post nude photos. That means the person who stole and released those photos is dealing in child pornography, which can get you in more legal trouble than hacking ever could.

Tablets Are Second Screen For Many Viewers

TV viewers love to use their tablets to talk about broadcast events on social media. According to ShareThis research, big events have users turning to their tablets while watching TV. When the NFL kicked off the season, sharing on social media from tablets jumped 159% during the game. For Shark Week on the Discovery channel, there was a 99% jump.

Most of this activity happens in the evening between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.  You’ve probably noticed that many shows have responded to this trend by including social elements like hashtags as part on the show. A hashtag will look something like this #sleepyheads.  Tagging a social media post with a hashtag makes it easier for other users to find and read. It’s sort of like putting all of the comments in a file and labeling it.

As more and more viewers turn to watching things on demand and time-shifting via DVR, using social media to encourage viewers to watch life is becoming more and more important to networks.

~ Cynthia